I've included this page to share with you the major sources of information I have found and used in writing this website.

As is always the case with historical transcription, these sources occasionally include conflicting and/or erroneous material. However, I have endevoured to cross-check my facts so as to validate them from more than one reliable source. That said, all content on this site may be subject to revision. My research is ongoing and the possibility always exists that new facts may come to light.

Of course, if you have another source that you would like to share that I have not listed here, feel free to contact me using the email link in the menu to the left.


Note: Works in each subsection are listed roughly in order of usefulness rather than in alphabetical order.

Colpoy's Bay

1. Albemarle Township Historical Society (D. Crocker, ed.) "Albemarle: A History of the Township", Wiarton: Echo Graphics and Printing, 1991.

2. Gatis, Sheila. "Days of the 'Mud Hen' and Other Memories of Colpoy's Bay Village", Wiarton: Echo Graphics, 1986.

Update! "Days of the `Mud Hen' and Other Memories of Colpoy’s Bay Village, Ontario", has been reprinted!

Copies can be obtained for C$12.50 at the following Wiarton-area retail locations: McKenzie's Pharmacy, The Inside Story and Elliott's Garden.

...alternatively, copies can be ordered for C$15 (shipping costs included) by contacting:

Sheila Gatis
R. R. 6 Wiarton, Ontario
N0H 2T0
(519) 534-5645


1. The Wiarton Echo newspaper [microfilm], published July 4, 1879 and on. (Note that between 1911 and 1941, following a merger with a rival paper, the Echo was known as the Canadian Echo. The name Wiarton Echo has been used again since 1941.)

2. The Wiarton Canadian newspaper [microfilm], published from 1893 until 1911 when it merged with the Wiarton Echo.

3. Gatis, Sheila, ed. "Wiarton: 1880 - 1980", Wiarton: Wiarton Echo Publishing Ltd., 1980.

4. Wiarton Canadian. "The Wiarton Canadian souvenir of Wiarton and vicinity, Hepworth and Shallow Lake", Wiarton: Wiarton Canadian, 1902.

5. Johnston, Thomas, ed. "Historical Review of Wiarton and the Bruce Peninsula", Wiarton: 160th Battalion Reunion Committee, 1936.

6. Sims, James Percy and E. Preston. "History of Wiarton and District", Wiarton: E. Preston, 1961.

7. Curtis, Andrea. "Into the Blue: Family Secrets and the Search for a Great Lakes Shipwreck", Toronto: Random House, 2003.

8. Gilbert, Raymond. "When Time was a Little Slower", Dundas, Ont.: R. Gilbert, 2003.

9. Millison, Carl. "Businesses, Manufacturers, Merchants and Tradesmand Financial Condition for Bruce County, Ontario: 1902", Publisher: C. Millison, 2003.

General Information

1. Robertson, Norman, "The History of the County of Bruce and the Minor Municipalities Therein", Toronto: William Briggs, 1906. (Available online here:

2. McLeod, Norman, "The History of the County of Bruce and Minor Municipalities Therein: 1907 - 1968", Owen Sound: Bruce County Historical Society, 1969.

3. Fox, Sherwood W. "The Bruce Beckons", Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1952.


I have made extensive use of the services provided by Library and Archives Canada (formerly the National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada) as well as the National Air Photo Library, all in Ottawa, Ontario.

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